What is a Green Streets Policy?

Green Streets reflect the transportation policy and design approach that minimizes environmental impact by focusing on efforts to retain, treat and eliminate runoff at the source using green infrastructure applications. Green Infrastructure uses vegetation, soils, and natural processes to treat stormwater. These applications manage stormwater runoff through infiltration, capture, and reuse of water. It can be engineered or use existing natural systems. On a larger scale, green infrastructure can mitigate flooding, provide habitat, and help provide cleaner water and air.

How does this apply in Fairbanks, Alaska?

The Green Streets Policy was adopted by FMATS Policy Committee on June 15, 2016. This policy will be included in FMATS Policies and Procedures, which help guide development projects in the Fairbanks region with any future public or commercial development.

Learn more about this by watching the video below!

The Green Streets Nomination Campaign is over...

BUT we are always taking suggestions to add to our list of possible Green Infrastructure Projects.

Please fill out the below form if you have streets that you would like to nominate!

Green Streets Nomination Campaign is asking residents to nominate streets in Fairbanks and North Pole, they believe could be improved through applying Green Infrastructure projects.

If you know a street that has:

  • Flooding (or standing water from run-off)
  • Water Pollution (from stormwater), or
  • Needs Beautification

Please consider nominating for green streets projects.
We are accepting submissions through Sunday, June 18.

Applicants are encouraged to be as specific as possible in describing the location and nature of the problem. You can submit images with your nomination. Nominations are accepted from homeowner associations, civic organizations and general members of the public. These nominations will enable us to quickly identify the greatest needs in addressing storm water run off in urban areas.

This campaign compliments FMATS’ Green Streets Policy established in April 2016 along with it’s Complete Streets Program. FMATS strives to plan the transportation system to accomidate all users while being a good steward to the environment. Cushman street is the most recently constructed, with Noble street soon to be done this year. The infrastructure of the Complete Streets accommodates people who walk, bike, drive or use transit.

The City of Fairbanks created an map per the suggested GI nominations from our campaign. Please click on the link below to view results.





Interested in Green Streets? Nominate a local street for green street applications!

Fill out the from below to nominate a Fairbanks or North Pole street for green streets applications.

Name *
Is there flooding? Storm water pollution? Does it need beautification?

If you have pictures of the street you nominate - please email them to tvwatershed@gmail.com


Green Design Complete Streets

Green Infrastructure Enhancements for Downtown Fairbanks

The Tanana Valley Watershed Association engaged stakeholders about opportunities for green infrastructure projects in conjunction with the downtown Complete Streets renovation.  Green infrastructure projects incorporate a living landscape that balances the needs of our community and our watershed. The Complete Streets conceptual design will reduce lanes of traffic and widen sidewalks on Cushman and Barnette Street, creating a more pedestrian friendly corridor.  This will also allow for projects that enhance downtown businesses and reduce storm water run-off  from entering the Chena River.

S Salon - Proposed Green Infrastructure

Before During and After - S Salon Green Infrastructure Projects

Bus Depot - Proposed Green Infrastructure

Before During and After - Bus Depot Green Infrastructure Projects

Big I - Proposed Green Infrastructure

Before During and After - Big I Green Infrastructure Projects

Complete Streets and Green Infrastructure Power Point

We would like to thank all who attended our August 2014 workshops on introducing the project and sharing opportunities to get project funding for Green Infrastructure on Cushman!  If you would like to review the presentation the 11 MB PDF is available for download.