All things Rain to Rivers - Building a River Center


WE ENVISION: Inspired by the Campbell Creek Science Center located in Anchorage and the Kenai River Center located in Soldotna. We've envision a place to come for all things related from “Rain to Rivers”. It will include a lending library of resources, meeting room and a shared workspace for local groups to increase efficiency and share resources. In building a physical classroom, we foster the development of outdoor classrooms through a variety of programs to nurture responsible watershed stewards, strengthen the community, boost creativity, and promote health and wellness. The possibilities are limitless.

COLLABORATION: Some of the greatest achievements across all realms of business are a result of collaborations. Whether in the form of partnerships, great team chemistry, or simply mentor-mentee relationships, collaborations help creative people and organizations push ideas forward. Collaboration comes from accountability and cross- pollination, two critical forces to meaningful productive creative outputs.             

GETTING STARTED: Bringing together local organizations by creating a River Center to connect our community to our watershed. Located on the 4th floor of the Lathrop building, in downtown Fairbanks, overlooking the Chena River. Over 45 potential organizations have been identified, half of which have indicated strong interest in partnering.

Who Are We:

     TVWA:  Tanana Valley Watershed hosts and facilitates

     Partners: Community Organizations & Nonprofits who utilize the Center

     Ally Resources: Agencies who provide support programs & funding

    Referral Resources: Organizations who provide services

 The Steps to Success

PHASE ONE: In 2013, TVWA secured the first 1000 square feet to launch the River Center. We opened our offices Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm, and are already running our programs out of the main office. Our success inspired us to move down the hall in 2014 to larger offices, to expand the lending library.

PHASE TWO: TVWA opened office space connected to our already established reception and office areas. This area is allocated for our Partners to use as professional work space. When a Partner moves in they utilize the main reception as well as the many other benefits. As a Partner, you agree to share the responsibility of not only your own office space but of the common spaces which are used by all Partners and staff. These spaces include but are not limited too; Common reception area, File storage area, office equipment area (printer and copier) and the surrounding grounds.

PHASE THREE: In fall of 2014, TVWA opened a conference/class room connected to the professional work space for meetings, training, class room activities and the like. 


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