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Chena Riverwalk

A fun, educational, nature-themed ¾ mile or 2-mile walk along the Chena River for kids ages toddler-middle school.  Featuring crafts, games, and activities hosted by 20 local organizations and businesses.  

Your Journey begins at the Carlson Center where you’ll pick up you map, waterbottle, tote bag and other goodies for the trip.  You then choose between two routes:  the Explorer loop goes ¾ mile from the Carlson Center through Pioneer Park and ends with a free ride on the train. It is intended for kids ages 2-6.  The Adventurer loop is 2 miles long and involves getting on a bus from Carlson Center to Morris Thompson Center and walking back to Carlson Center along the river.  This loop is intended for kids ages 7-12. Celebrate your successful adventure with snacks at the Carlson Center.

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