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Citizen Science Showcase - Upward Bound Projects

Citizen Science Showcase - Upward Bound Projects

Wednesday, July 1st - from 2pm - 4pm @ UAF in the Murie Building

Upward Bound - in partnership with University of Alaska Fairbanks, EPSCoR, and One Tree Alaska - TVWA would like to invite you to experience the Citizen Science Showcase created by Upward Bound students - stop in and check out their displays at our mini science fair.

About Upward Bound:

The goal of Upward Bound is to improve the graduation rates of high school students and increasing the number of graduates who enter colleges and universities. Upward Bound offers a six-week summer residential program held on the UAF campus. This summer students from all over Alaska have created presentations on the topics they learned during their stay in Fairbanks.

Presentations to include:

  • A short film about the ecological and cultural importance of rivers
  • Poster and model about storm water pollution
  • Poster and model about fracking and water pollution
  • Poster about litter in streams to oceans
  • PowerPoint about water consumption and pollution
  • Poster on invertebrates (6 groups chosen) found in Deadmans Slough
  • Poster on invertebrates (6 different groups chosen) found in Deadman's Slough

We look forward to seeing you there!

UAF’s EPSCoR Sandbox Terrain On Display!

Augmented-reality sandbox brings topographical maps to life! A topographical map lays atop the sand, projected from above. As someone pushes the sand in the box up to form a large mound, it appears on the overlay like a large mountain. Creating an environment people can see for themselves to help connect the often confusing world of topographic maps. A hand held above eight inches above the sand is read as a cloud and begins dropping rain onto the landscape below. The valleys fill with virtual water and flow down from the top of the mountains in channels.