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April Events

Green Up Day Contest

After seven long months of winter, the arrival of spring is celebrated with joy in Fairbanks, Alaska.  The Tanana Valley Watershed Association (TVWA) and Thrivalaska are proud to introduce a new tradition to celebrate the arrival of spring: the Green Up Day Guessing Contest. Contest runs April 1st through April 22nd.

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Storm Drain Art - Call for Artists

TVWA is sending out a call for local artists - to enter their designs for Storm Drain Art. Submissions are from April 1st to April 30th, 2016. The purpose of this project is to raise public awareness that ALL storm drains flow directly into the Chena River and to provide an opportunity for artists to create public works of art in downtown Fairbanks.

Click here for more information on this contest.


OUR Mission:


OUR History:

Established in 2006, TVWA’s services have included both research and restoration projects.  TVWA Board and staff have worked to provide information on the condition of the watershed by compiling existing information and filling knowledge gaps.   We also worked to promote measures that will maintain and enhance the quality and beauty of the watershed by creating educational programs to:  promote greater appreciation, understanding and awareness; promote sustainable ecological practices, and advocate proactively on issues impacting the watershed.  

In 2012, Tanana Valley Watershed Association’s Board of Directors began strategic planning to determine the organization’s priorities, ensuring appropriate selection of grant opportunities and other financial support to deliver effective and accountable programs for our partners and the public.  TVWA has a legacy of maintaining and enhancing restoration programs that focus on watershed and ecosystem functions and processes.  We look forward to supporting sustainable resources for community-based conservation that empowers individuals to address the economic, social and environmental health of our watershed. We are committed to encouraging and facilitating development of knowledge within interested communities in the Tanana Valley to promote more effective watershed conservation and/or restoration.  Our objectives are to increase awareness through education, restoration, collaborative research, and diverse partner involvement.

WE Believe:

TVWA believes public awareness will enable individuals to understand how their actions impact water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife.  By understanding our connection with nature, we will better appreciate how these impacts affect our quality of life.  TVWA provides residents with the information, insight and tools to make positive changes in the watershed.  We believe increasing public awareness of how our actions impact water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife will lead to understanding our connection with nature.  We will better appreciate how these impacts affect our quality of life and will work together to protect vital resources and the natural beauty of our region for current and future generations.