TVWA and the US Fish and Wildlife Service with funding from the Yukon River Panel partnered to create "Voices of the Chena." This short film explores the Chena River and its importance to king salmon. Through interviews with local residents, business owners, and landowners, it highlights ways we can all be watershed stewards.


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Green infrastructure uses natural hydrologic features to manage water and provide environmental and community benefits. By improving the environment and preserving open space, green infrastructure supports sustainable communities. 

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The Adopt-A-Stream program is a volunteer based effort coordinated by TVWA in partnership with the City of Fairbanks’ Storm Water Advisory Committee. The goal is to get residents and local businesses involved in monitoring the water quality of the local rivers, lakes and streams. Elements of the programs include water-quality monitoring, litter pick-up, stream bank restoration and maintenance, and management of flow restrictions.

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Streambank Restoration projects are important for landowners and wildlife alike.  Hardened banks from rocks, concrete and other large objects such as tires or abandoned vehicles as well as eroded riparian zones because of vegetation removal or natural flooding are not healthy for either wildlife or landowner. Natural vegetation in the riparian zones along river and stream banks provide fish forts, resting places and food for wildlife as well as aesthetic appeal and reduction of erosion for land owners.

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TVWA is very excited to partner with The Salmon Project! This project shines a spotlight on the role salmon has in all Alaskans’ lives, reinforcing our culture and identities, and showing how our individual choices affect this incredible resource. By telling the story of our shared Salmon Love, we are building a statewide movement to ensure that Alaskans’ lives will always be salmon lives.

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Our shipment of Salmon Project SWAG is in. Come by our office downtown to grab your stickers and help this exciting new project get some 'salmon love' in the Interior.