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About the 2018 class:


Each week covers the same curriculum. Each day of the week covers a specific topic.

We will be teaching:

  • What is water quality and why is it important. (PH, turbidity, water temp, why rivers move and velocity.)

  • The importance of soil and plants. (We will be planting along the river, downtown. We will discuss what makes healthy soil and the importance of plants for air and filtration.)

  • Fish, Fur, and Fin. (We will have guest speakers come talk about local animals and their habitats.)

  • Bugs and Slugs. (We will teach about the role bugs play in the health of our watershed and how to read the health of a body of water through the insects that live in it.)

  • Streambank Habitat. (We will teach habitat assessments and talk about the importance of natural vegetation in riparian zones.)