Chena Watershed River Index Map

Chena Watershed River Index Map

WRAP MAP (Mapping Aquatic Priorities)- Chena

Tanana Valley Watershed Association has completed a new watershed plan for the Chena watershed (including Piledriver Slough), and we excited to provide you with the findings. As most of you know, the Chena watershed is vitally important to the Yukon Chinook populations. The final product is a map of the Chena watershed, that uses historic loss, current condition and future threats to prioritize aquatic habitats for restoration and preservation. It is a tool for permitting and land management agencies to help focus efforts to maintain and improve these habitats on a watershed basis, using salmon as a key indicator species of the health of the habitat.

Thank you to all who was involved in the WRAP MAP-Chena process.


Chena River Watershed WRAP MAP