Adult Chinook

Adult Chinook

The Tanana Valley Watershed (which includes the Salcha River) contributes about 1/3 of the total return of Yukon River Chinook Salmon!

Juvenile Chinook

Juvenile Chinook

Remember - Keep the water clean, keep the fish returing. 

What are 'good boating practices'?

  • Have absorbent pads on board to capture oil and fuel spills
  • Fill your tank slowly, on land, and only to 90%
  • Wait to drain your bilge away from the launch
  • Upgrade your old 2-stroke engine to 4-stroke or direct fuel
  • Avoid using soaps for cleaning up spills
  • Avoid idling your engine
  • Look for Elodea and other invasive plants; report them if found! 


Why is Elodea a problem?

  • It grows so densely and so quickly it blocks out other vegetation and habitat that salmon need
  • It is a rooted, submerged aquatic plant. It grows in slow-moving or still clear waters, and is invasive in much of Europe, Asia and Australia. Elodea can spread by small broken fragments. It is commonly used as an aquarium plant

What to do if Elodea is found...?

  • Call 1-877-INVASIV (468-2748)

To learn more about Elodea and what is being done in the Fairbanks area - follow this link - CWMA


For more information about good practices and/or Elodea, contact:


*Alaska Department of Conservation (ADEC):

     *     (907) 451-2140

*Tanana Valley Watershed Association (TVWA):

     *     (907) 374-8890

*Department of Natural Resources (DNR):

     *      (907) 451-2698